Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Scholarship

The PFT Retirement Chapter is offering scholarships to Philadelphia Public High School seniors. One SLA student will be nominated to enter the competition for an award of up to $1,000. Last year the SLA scholarship recipient was Sydnye Misero!

To be nominated email Mrs. Hirschfield an original essay titled: “What Laws and Policies can Local, State, and Federal Government Enact to Keep Public School Students Safe from Gun Violence?”

The essay must be received by no later than 2/22.

Temple’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

Are You Planning to Attend Temple University Next Fall?

Temple will award the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Scholarship to at least one SLA senior, and perhaps more. Students must have a minimum 3.5 gpa, and above average SAT/ACT scores or a strong performance on their Temple Option question.

This scholarship is only for students interested in attending Temple next year.  SLA nominates candidates so please write up an explanation of why you should be nominated.  Include what you want to study, your SAT/ACT scores and a brief essay about your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of study and future goals  Send your responses to Mrs. Hirschfield ( no later than February 7, 2019.

Senior Bulletin, Jan 28, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.34.39 AM.png Request Mid-Year Grades

Many colleges consider mid-year grades; if you need these sent please sign up on the green sheet on Ms. Hirschfield’s door. Check the requirements of each college to which you are applying.

wall pic Acceptance Recognition Wall

We’d like to add your acceptance letters to our recognition wall! Please bring in your letters so we can make a copy and add it.

You’ve Applied to College, Now What?  

Although the application process is nearing its end, you probably still have questions and concerns about what is next.  Check out this article to help you understand what to expect.

How Much Did You Get When You Got Admitted? 

Continue reading

Junior Bulletin, January 14, 2019

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:  Welcome to the first edition of the 2018-2019 Junior Bulletin!  The Bulletin will be emailed through the College News Blog and sent via text message alerts approximately every two weeks, and will continue next year as the Senior Bulletin.  Make sure that Ms. Hirschfield has your correct contact information. You can make the college application process easy and successful by staying organized, and by making sure that you take advantage of all the information available through the College Office and in the Junior Bulletin and College News Blog.

Get Your College Folder from Junior College Night

Every student received a packet which covers all important aspects of the college admissions process. If you were unable to attend, make sure to get this folder!

Here is a link to the slides by Daniel Yannuzzi to get information about financial aid.

Here is a link to the slides created by Maria Ferzola about understanding the differences between the SAT and the ACT.

Here is a link to the Power Point presented by Karen Campbell that will give you an overview of the entire college application process.

How Will You Navigate the College Process? Meet with Your College Counselor!

Beginning at the end of January you and your parents/guardian will meet with Ms. Hirschfield to begin the college application process. This meeting will provide you with individualized support, so come with a written list of issues and questions that you and/or your family have. In preparation for this meeting:  complete the junior meeting survey in Naviance; research at least five colleges and their admission standards in Naviance. If you didn’t receive a letter confirming your scheduled time, ask your advisor. Continue reading

Grades 9-11 Official Transcript Request

Students are sometimes asked to provide an official transcript to an academic institution, summer program, or community agency. All SLA students in grades 9-11 can request official transcripts by completing a Transcript Request form HERE. (When students are asked for unofficial grades, a report card or grade printout from SchoolNet will be sufficient.) Bring all completed requests to the College Office, room 312.


  • Allow TWO WEEKS to process the request.
  • If sending request via email, complete the Transcript Request form, scan, and email (preferably in .PDF) back to Mrs. Hirschfield at
  • Seniors who need official transcripts must add it to the Transcript Request Log in the College Office.

Diversity College Fly-In Programs


Would you like to visit colleges but it’s too far away and expensive? Fly-in programs offer students the opportunity to stay overnight on campus to get a feel of their college environment and see if it’s the right college for you.

Check out THIS LIST for colleges who offer fly-in programs with financial assistance for eligible students.

Remember to keep track of the upcoming application deadlines for the programs you are interested in.

Questions to Ask Colleges


Here are a few scripted questions that Juniors and Seniors can ask when talking to College Admission Representatives:

Around Academics:

-Do you have any professional programs? (eg: does your liberal arts school offer a teaching credential, is your nursing program accredited)

-How many students on campus do research with their professors? How easy will it be for me to find academic mentorship at your school? Continue reading