Junior News Highlights May 27, 2015

Need Help With College Essays?

Ms. Tiz Block is available for any student who would like to receive feedback on their college essays through email. Ms. Block can be reached at eblock3@comcast.net

Scholarship Opportunity for Female Juniors

The National Foundation for Women Legislators and the National Rifle Association is hosting their Annual Bill of Rights Essay Scholarship Contest. Click here for more info! Deadline: June 12, 2015 Continue reading

Senior News Highlights, May 27, 2015

2015 Graduation Survey In Naviance

Complete the *required* 2015 Graduation Survey in Naviance!  This is a survey of your experiences and plans for the graduating class.  SLA and the School District of Philadelphia will use the results as a tool for planning and improving our services.  To access the survey:

-Sign in to Naviance

-Click on the ‘about me’ tab

-On the left hand side, select 2015 graduation survey

Final Transcripts

All colleges require a final transcript of your academic record.  To make sure your transcript is sent, make sure you complete the 2015 Graduation Survey in Naviance (see above).  Continue reading

Questions to Ask Colleges


Here are a few scripted questions that Juniors and Seniors can ask when talking to College Admission Representatives:

Around Academics:

-Do you have any professional programs? (eg: does your liberal arts school offer a teaching credential, is your nursing program accredited)

-How many students on campus do research with their professors? How easy will it be for me to find academic mentorship at your school? Continue reading