Juniors: Become a College Access Leader at SLA!


A College Access Leader (CAL) is a student who demonstrates strong leadership skills assisting their peers with the college access process. CALs will become experts with the application process, deadlines, requirements, and so much more!

Why: The CAL Program serves two key purposes: 1) to provide college access information to all students through peer leadership 2) to help develop your leadership skills and provide the CAL with personal and professional development opportunities.

Who: CALs consist of one student from each advisory for a total of six students for your grade.  CALs work very closely with Mrs. Hirschfield and the College Office team  as well as your Advisors and Advisories.

What: The CAL Program is based around the idea of student centered learning- the CAL Team is designed to be a peer network of student leaders who will be key stakeholders in the college access process.

Where: You will frequently meet with Mrs. Hirschfield in the College Office. You will present information in your Advisories, and share knowledge about the college access process to your peers informally- even in the hallways! Continue reading

Junior Bulletin, February 1, 2018

UPenn FemmeHack 2018

FemmeHack is Philly’s first women hack marathon held by students from the University of Pennsylvania. If you are interested in computer science, coding, and creating apps, this is a great opportunity for you. No experience is required! Women sponsors from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and The New York Times will be there to help out! Don’t miss this opportunity to network with potential future employers! For information, visit www.femmehacks.io  or email hi@femmehacks.io

Bus Trips to visit Penn State

Penn State Admissions – Philadelphia will host several free bus trips to Penn State campuses this spring. These trips are great opportunities to connect with admissions staff and see what our campuses throughout the state have to offer. Click here to find out more information and register.

Essay Contest!

The “We the Students” invites students to consider what role the government should play in monitoring internet content. First place includes a scholarship to the Constitutional Academy in Washington, D.C.sign up and submit the 500-800-word essay before February 5, 2018.

P.S. Looking for a great summer opportunity? Check out the Constitutional

Academy Program.

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Senior Bulletin February 1, 2018

Request Mid-Year Grades

Many colleges consider mid-year grades; if you need these sent please sign up on the sheet on Ms. Hirschfield’s door. Check the requirements of each college to which you are applying.

UPenn FemmeHack 2018

FemmeHack is Philly’s first women’s hack marathon held by students from the University of Pennsylvania.This year it is on the weekend of February 2, not overnight.  FemmeHack will pay for your ride to the venue!  If you are interested in computer science, coding, and creating apps, this is a great opportunity for you. No experience is required! Women sponsors from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and The New York Times will be there to help out! For information, visit www.femmehacks.io  or email hi@femmehacks.io

You’ve Applied to College, Now What?

Although the application process is nearing its end, you probably still have questions and concerns about what is next.  Check out this article to help you understand what to expect. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeannie-borin/heres-what-to-do-while-waiting-for-admission-decisions_b_6126620.html

The Philadelphia Foundation is a source for information on many scholarships.  

Here are some scholarships with upcoming application deadlines: And Check Out This Link for More!

The Native Teens summer scholarship

George Washington University seeks to inspire Native American students to become involved in government affairs.

Scholarships For Women

This website provides information on many different scholarships available for women, from freshmen in college to graduate school. Click here to find out more about them and which ones you could qualify for.

Feb. 5, 2018 – We the Students Essay Contest; sign up on this site

Feb. 15, 2018 – Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship

February 15, 2018 – The Quaker City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

February 16, 2018 – The Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter of the Continental Societies

Feb 24, 2018 – Philadelphia City Scholarship Program

Fe. 25, 2018 – Raju Foundation

February 5, 2018 “We the Students” essay competition

March 2018 – The Pennsylvania School Counselor Association

March 2018 – Mayor’s Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania

March 1, 2018 –  Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship

March 5, 2018 – Cecilia Moy Yep Scholarship Fund

March 15, 2018 – GSK Opportunity Scholarship

March 26, 2018 – Low Income Philadelphia Students

March 26, 2018 – Alzheimer Foundation

March 29Wilt Chamberlain Scholarship Application

April 16, 2018 – Scholarship for Boy Scouts

May 1, 2018 – Vandross Scholarship

June 16, 2018 – Tech Scholarship Opportunity

Spring 2018PhillySEEDS Scholarship

Various deadlines: Community College of Philadelphia  https://www.ccp.edu/paying-college/scholarships

Various deadlines: http://www.philafound.org/Scholarships/AvailableScholarships.aspx



Grades 9-11 Official Transcript Request

Students are sometimes asked to provide an official transcript to an academic institution, summer program, or community agency. All SLA students in grades 9-11 can request official transcripts by completing a Transcript Request form HERE. (When students are asked for unofficial grades, a report card or grade printout from SchoolNet will be sufficient.) Bring all completed requests to the College Office, room 312.


  • Allow TWO WEEKS to process the request.
  • If sending request via email, complete the Transcript Request form, scan, and email (preferably in .PDF) back to Mrs. Hirschfield at khirschfield@scienceleaderhsip.org.
  • Seniors who need official transcripts must add it to the Transcript Request Log in the College Office.

Diversity College Fly-In Programs


Would you like to visit colleges but it’s too far away and expensive? Fly-in programs offer students the opportunity to stay overnight on campus to get a feel of their college environment and see if it’s the right college for you.

Check out this list for colleges who offer fly-in programs with financial assistance for eligible students.

Remember to keep track of the upcoming application deadlines for the programs you are interested in.

Questions to Ask Colleges


Here are a few scripted questions that Juniors and Seniors can ask when talking to College Admission Representatives:

Around Academics:

-Do you have any professional programs? (eg: does your liberal arts school offer a teaching credential, is your nursing program accredited)

-How many students on campus do research with their professors? How easy will it be for me to find academic mentorship at your school? Continue reading