Make sure to look at the scholarships here at the Scholarship Clearinghouse where dozens of scholarships are listed and organized according to their deadline. Be sure to also use the scholarship list on Naviance for a more complete list of scholarships and sign up to to be matched to scholarships that fit your profile.  Every year some private and federal scholarships/grants are unclaimed – you can get some of that funding!

The College Office refreshes these lists periodically, but if the site is not current try Googling the name of the scholarship plus the current year (2019-2020) to update.

Scholarship Search Engines (deadlines vary)

SCHOLLY  (ask Ms. Hirschfield for a code)


United Negro College Fund Scholarships

Philadelphia Foundation Scholarships for Pennsylvania schools and/or residents; offers an organizer template

Horatio Alger Association – various targeted scholarships with various deadlines

Scholarships for Trade/professional schools

Maguire Scholarship – see list of participating schools

Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus

Scholarship Bulletin – search this site for some very specific scholarships, for example ‘child of an AFT member’, ‘member of Freedom Credit Union’ – many of these are quite generous!

Explore ‘easy’ scholarships at Do  Deadlines vary.

Rolling Deadlines  RaiseMe – Earn micro-scholarships for college for your achievements in high school.

Various deadlines, Writer’s Square– awards scholarships for writing and photography entries.

Various programs and deadlines, Philadelphia Futures offers financial and college-readiness support through several different grant programs.

Bonner Scholars

The Bonner Program provides a generous four-year scholarship to undergraduate students enrolled with participating colleges in exchange for weekly commitment to intensive and meaningful service with a community organization.  For more information and to see the list of participating colleges visit HERE.

College Green Light

This site aggregates summer programs, fly-in opportunities, and enrichment with a focus on underrepresented and economically challenged students.  Explore the site HERE.

Featured Scholarships–SLA students have applied to a number of the following scholarships.

Opens/Due Scholarship Name Special criteria/note
Sept 1 AXA Achievement Scholarship Community service
Sept 1
Sept 15 1-800-Wheelchair Scholarship Fund
Sept 15 Catching the Dream Scholarship ¼ or more Native American
Sept 15 Gates Scholarship First phase of application
Sept 17 We the Future Contest Constitution essay 
Sept 18 Various deadlines.  Add your email to get notifications.
Sept 18  Tweet for Success Scholarship Contest Career essay
Sept 30 Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship
Sept 30 Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship
Sept 30 Shout It Out Scholarship
Sept 30 Writers of the Future Contest  New contests quarterly
Sept 30 Illustrators of the Future Contest New contests quarterly
Sept 30 Shipdig Scholarship Essay writing
Sept 30


Various Deadlines

 Don’t Text and Drive


GTFO Scholarships 



Community Service. Check web site for different scholarships & deadlines


Opens/Due Scholarship Name Special criteria/note
Opens in October Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Committed to sports
Oct 6 AES Engineering
Oct 15 Asian American & Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution Scholarship Fund 2 different scholarships.  One due Nov. 6. See list of affiliated institutions HERE.
Oct 15  Colgate-Palmolive Hispanic Scholarship
October 18 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Two opportunities: an essay contest and the Charles R. Drew Scholarship (check back for spring deadlines).
Oct 25 (1st deadline, for state and national scholarships) Horatio Alger Association Scholarship The site lists a number of scholarships; deadlines and criteria differ
Oct 31 Voice of Democracy Essay contest
Oct 31  Unigo Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Writing project
Oct 31 Coca-Cola Scholars Program Community service


Due Scholarship Name Special criteria/note
Nov 1  Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men
Nov 1 Ron Brown Scholar Program African-American, Economic challenges
Nov 5    Prudential Spirit of Community Awards
Nov 13 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Financial need
Nov 15  Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition
Nov 15  (three scholarships, different due dates) Eagles Fly for Leukemia Kim Hill College Scholarship Cancer patients/survivors
Nov 29   Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award Minimum 50 hours of volunteer work



Due Scholarship Name Special Criteria/Note
Dec 1   Dell Scholars  Demonstrated financial need
Dec 2 Cooper Industries (UNCF Scholarship for business and engineering)
Dec 6 Comcast Leaders and Achievers
Dec 15    Derrick Law Car and Truck Accident Scholarship  (affected by vehicle injury)
Dec 15 Burger King Scholars Program
Dec 15 AXA Achievement Scholarship
Due Scholarship Name Special Criteria/Note
Jan 3   GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program
Jan 3 Foot Locker Scholar Athletes  (applications open in early fall)
Jan 15        Drexel Liberty Scholars Program
Jan 15   Washington Crossing Foundation (government careers)
Jan 15 Mensa Education and Research Foundation
Jan 15 McNulty Scholarship (girls, St. Joe’s)
Jan 17  Alzheimer Awareness Essay Scholarship
Jan 22 Asian-American scholarships
Jan 30 Technology Addiction Awareness write  140 character message about the dangers of technology addiction
Jan 31  Union Plus Scholarship (family membership in participating Unions)
Jan 31          KPMG Women’s Leadership Awards
Jan 31 William B. Ruggles Journalist Scholarship
                                                             FEBRUARY 2020
Due Scholarship Name Special Criteria/Note
*Feb 1 Temple Outstanding Achievement Scholarship (Must be nominated by SLA/see Ms. Hirschfield)
Feb 1 Jackie Robinson Scholarship (minority students; opens in November)
Feb 5 McDonald’s HACER Hispanic Scholarship
Feb 12 Davidson Fellows Scholarship
Feb 14 Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship (Af.Am.male)
Feb 14  Continental Societies Scholarship
Feb 15 Hispanic Scholarship Fund (opens January 1)
Feb 15 Drexel Liberty Scholars Program (regular decision)
Feb 21 Urban League of Philadelphia Community Scholars
*Feb 22 Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Scholarship (must be nominated, see Ms. HIrschfield)
Feb 28 P.L.A.Y. Scholarship (interested in rescue animals/animal welfare)
Feb 28 Youth Foundation Grant (updates Feb 1)
Feb 28 Zeta Omicron Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha (Af.Am. Males
Feb 28 Polish Heritage Society of Philadelphia  Annual Scholarship


                                                            MARCH 2020
Opens/Due Scholarship Name Special Criteria/Note
March Mayor’s Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania Must be applying to Penn; the website updates automatically in February
March/April UNCF Scholarships Must be a minority
Mar 1 Marion Luckers Kidney Foundation Scholarship Must have been impacted or have had a family member or friend impacted by kidney disease.
Mar 1 The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship Must be planning to continue education in Pennsylvania
Mar 1 Philadelphia City Scholarship Must be enrolling at a school in Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Bucks County
Mar 1 Anna M. Vincent Scholarship Trust Must have held a paying job while in school
Mar 1 Mckee Scholarship Must be a male with an absent father
Mar 1 Herb it Forward Must demonstrate strong financial need
Mar 2 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Parent/guardian must be a teamster member
Mar 2 Design a Greeting Card This contest runs for a year (begins in May); the prize is $10,000
Mar 2 PayPal paid internship (Af. Am.)
Mar 2 Cecilia Moy Yep Scholarship For Asian American Women
Mar 3 American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Mar 12 Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarships
Mar 15 Mel Klein Scholarship Must be planning to apply to Tulane, Colgate, Columbia, or Stanford
Mar 16 UNCF Boule Scholarship – a notice at the top of this link says the application is closed, but scroll down to the botte to see the current 2020 deadline Must be African American
Mar 19 UNCF STEM Scholarship Minority students
Mar 20 GSK Opportunity Scholarship For students who face/have faced significant adversity
Mar 20 Feinstein Fund
*Mar 22 Colleges that Change Lives Must be admitted to one of the colleges that change lives. Updates in January
Mar 22 Samuel A. Green Scholarship Website might be blocked by SDP
Mar 23 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarships

Click links for 2 scholarships, 1 internship

African American women
Mar 29 UNCF (member school) Scholarships
*Mar 31 R.W. Sorrel Scholarship
Mar 31 Christine B.Dexter Foundation Scholarships Must be applying to New England schools


Due in April 2020

April, 2019                  Imagine-America (trade schools)

April, 2019                   Moore College of Art Scholarships

April 1, 2019               American Fire Safety Association

April 1, 2019               Schoolmens Club of Philadelphia

April 12019               Pennsylvania Land Surveyors’ Foundation Scholarship

April 1, 2019              AKA Omega Omega Scholarships – see Ms. Hirschfield (Af.Am.)

April 52019               HUSSAIN Scholarship(SouthAsian)

April 5, 2019             Joseph and Jesse Coleman Scholarship 

April 52019               D. Coleman Witte Scholarship(art/;Philregion)

April 5, 2019              Beech Scholarship (Temple/Cheney/Lincoln/CCP – minority)

April 5, 2019              The Richard A. Ash Scholarship Fund

April 5, 2019              Crouthamel Family Nursing Scholarship

April 5, 2019           Mervyn Sluizer, Jr. Scholarship Fund (Boy Scouts)

April 8, 2019              Wilt Chamberlain Scholarship Application

April 12, 2019              ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science (Af.Am.Hisp.)

April 15, 2020               We the Students Essay Contest

April 15, 2019              Dunkin’ Philadelphia Regional Scholarship

April 15, 2020 (opens in January)  Barron Prize for Young Heroes – awards students who work on inspiring service projects.

April 19, 2019            Leon Sullivan Charitable Trust(Af.Am.)

April 20, 2019            Lions Chapter 14a (physical challenges)

April 30, 2019            Asian Bank Scholarship

April 30, 2020  E-Waste Scholarship


Due in May 2020

May 1, 2019                Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Scholarship (HBCU)

May 102019             The Benjamin and Fredora K. Wolf Memorial Foundation (limited income)

May 10, 2019            Robert C. Digges Scholarship (not need based)

May 13, 2019  Pepper Hamilton Raise Your Voice Essay Contest:  Write a 500 to 1200 word essay on the question: Should local or federal officials be responsible for tackling social issues such as drug use, crime, immigration issues? See Ms. Hirschfield for a flyer describing rules and requirements.

May 152019             Francis H. Thole Essay Contest: Constitution of the United States (See Ms. Hirschfield for more information.)

May 17, 2019          The Omin Fellowship Essay Contest: write an essay of 800 to 1500 words on promoting brotherhood – one SLA student essay, chosen by the English Department, will win a cash award.

May 20, 2019            Art Start Scholarship Tyler School of Art

May 29, 2019             Thomas J. Lynch Scholarship (STEM)

May 30, 2020              1800 Wheelchair Scholarship

May 31, 2019              Student Map and Poster Competition

May 31, 2019              Walmart Associate Scholarship

May 31, 2019              Check out these ‘easy’ scholarships!

Due in June 2020

June 16, 2019              Lucidpress Scholarship

June 21, 2019                PhillySEEDS (public housing/HCV)

June 27, 2019               Poetry Slam    (random drawing of your poem!)

June 30, 2019               Writers and Illustrators of the Future



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