Make sure to look at the scholarships here at the Scholarship Clearinghouse where dozens of scholarships are listed and organized according to their deadline. Be sure to also use the scholarship list on Naviance for a more complete list of scholarships and sign up to to be matched to scholarships that fit your profile.

Scholarship Search Engines (deadlines vary)


United Negro College Fund Scholarships

NACAC 59 Scholarship Search Engines

Featured Scholarships–SLA students have applied to a number of the following scholarships.

Due in September

September 1           Karman Healthcare Mobility Scholarship

September 1          The Summer Challenge Scholarship

September 3          Walmart Associate Scholarship

September 9 Haiku Scholarship Contest

September 15       1-800-Wheelchair Scholarship Fund

September 15       Catching the Dream Scholarship

September 15 Scholarship

September 17        We the Future Contest

September 18        Tweet for Success Scholarship Contest

September 30        Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship

September 30        James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

September 30       GTFO Scholarship

September 30        Illustrators of the Future Contest

September 30        Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship

September 30        Scholarship Poetry Contest

September 30        Shout It Out Scholarship

September 30       Writers of the Future Contest

Due in October

October 3          Wendy’s High School Heisman

October 6          AES Engineering

October 15        Asian American & Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution Scholarship Fund

October 15        R.W. Sorrell Scholarship Fund

October 24        International High School Essay Contest

October 25         Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

October 31         Twist and Shout Scholarship Slam

October 31         Coca-Cola Scholars Program

October 31         Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Due in November

November 1           Ron Brown Scholarship

November 2          Eagles Fly for Leukemia Kim Hill College Scholarship

November 4          Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship

November 17         Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition

November 30        Mutual of Omaha Actuarial Scholarship for Minority Students

November 30        Slam Behind the Curtain Scholarship

Due in December

December 3            P.L.A.Y. Scholarship

December 15         Foot Locker Scholar Athletes

December 15         AXA Achievement Scholarship

December 31          William B. Ruggles Journalist Scholarship

Due In January

January 8            GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

January 9            Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

January 13          Drexel Liberty Scholars Program

January 14          Gates Millennium Scholars Program

January 15          Youth Service America

January 15          Mensa Education and Research Foundation

January 20         Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship

January 31          Union Plus Scholarship

Due in February

February 2           Christopher Columbus Awards

February 2           Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men

February 15         AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship

February 15         Jackie Robinson Foundation

February 24        Philadelphia City Scholarship Program

February 28         Youth Foundation Grant

February 28         Wells Fargo Academic Leaders Fellowship Program

Due in March

March 1                  Anna M. Vincent Scholarship Trust

March 12               J&J Coleman Scholarship

March 15               Cecilia Moy Yet Scholarship

March 16              Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Retirement Chapter Scholarship Fund. (For more details, visit the College Office)

March 17              D. Colman Witte Scholarship

March 28             GSK Opportunity Scholarship

March 31              Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship

Due in April

April 3                 Mervyn Sluizer, Jr. Scholarship Fund

April 5                 Feinstein Fund for Philadelphia Scholars

April 5                 HUSSAIN Scholarship

April 7                 The Richard A. Ash Scholarship Fund

April 10               ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships

April 10               Pennsylvania Land Surveyors’ Foundation Scholarship

April 15               The Franklin Institute Board of Trustees Scholarship (FIBOT)

April 15               Dunkin Donuts Scholarship Program

April 16               Epsilon Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

April 17               Crouthamel Family Nursing Scholarship Fund

April 28               Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Scholarship

April 30              The Benjamin and Fredora K. Wolf Memorial Foundation

Due in May

May 1                   Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Scholarship

May 7                   Times Square Yearbook(study abroad)

May 15                 AKA Omega Mu Omega Scholarship

May 15                Francis H. Thole Essay Contest: Constitution of the United States (See Ms. Hirschfield for more information.)

May 31              Student Map and Poster Competition

Due in June

June 17              Lucid Software Scholarship 


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