Hello SLA Community,

Welcome to Mrs. Hirschfield’s College News Blog. Started in the fall of 2012, this is a site to organize and archive all college related events, happenings, suggestions, and strategies as well as topics on out-of-school-time resources in the Philly area and post-high school transitions for Science Leadership Academy students, parents, and community members.

If you have any questions, please be in touch directly.

Mrs. Karina Hirschfield
khirschfield (at) scienceleadership (dot) org

Meet the staff at the College Office!
Mrs. Karina Hirschfield, College Counselor

Karina is a founding faculty member here at SLA.  Before joining SLA’s faculty, she taught in the New York City Public School System  as a classroom teacher in her Bronx, NY hometown.  Her love of education and interest in counseling led her to a Masters of Science in Education in School Counseling from Fordham University.  Karina currently runs SLA’s College Counseling program where she is thrilled to pursue her passion of supporting students in their pursuit of higher education and professional goals. Wrapping up her 14th year at SLA, Karina  is committed to developing new ways to reach students, discovering new sources of information, and ensuring that her students and their families are fully engaged in their post-secondary process.  She often says that the best part of her job is getting to know each student, validating who they are as individuals, and helping them on their path to the next stage of their lives. Karina is married, has two girls, and lives in Malvern, PA.

Mrs. Block, College Office Volunteer

image (1) Ms. Block holds a PhD. in Comparative Literature and taught at the college level for 20 years.  When her children were in public high schools in Philadelphia, she realized that private school students with access to tutors and coaches had an advantage in the college application process. She decided to offer her writing skills in public schools as a contribution to ‘leveling the field.’ After teaching a writing workshop for 10 years at Masterman, she was urged by a neighbor to get in touch with Ms. Hirschfield and see if help was needed at SLA.  Ms. Block has for the last eight years made her expertise available to juniors and seniors who want to submit strong essays that clearly reflect their strengths and individuality. Her goal is to help students compose essays that can win them admission to the school of their choice, as well as scholarships that can make that choice a reality. She also assists with slide presentations, documents, and proposals that are generated by the College Office. She is present at SLA several times a week, and is always available to help students at eblock3@comcast.net – even over the summer!

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