Junior College News Highlights, April 7, 2014



If you missed the Junior Financial Aid night, please check out a copy of the presentation here.


The deadline to sign up and submit payment for the JEVS SAT Crash Course is TODAY, APRIL 7TH, as the course will begin TOMORROW, APRIL 8TH! Please make sure your payment of $100 is in prior to attending the class. Checks should be made payable to JEVS. The course will take place in Room 313 at 3:15 pm.

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Senior College News Highlights, March 31, 2014



Be sure to apply for scholarships- many deadlines are rapidly approaching.  Check out the archived Senior New Highlights from the Senior tab for various scholarship opportunities.

Philly School Counselors United Scholarship- Due April 25th

Please come to the college office for a copy of the application.  You will need to answer the following essay question:

Please type your answer to the Essay Question on a separate sheet, with your name at the top, and attach it to the Application Form- In the spirit of the Philadelphia school counselors who stood up for what they believed in, describe a time when you challenged a belief or idea.  What prompted you to act?  What did you learn from the experience?  Would you make the same decision again?



Interested in taking a year off after Graduation?

Preparing for life after graduation could be quite stressful; deciding what college to attend, what you want to major in or even if you want to take a year off to explore your options.  It is typical for students who take a gap year to use the extra time to travel, get an internship, find a job to pay for their expected college tuition or just to decide what career path they are interested.  If you are interested in a gap year see the links below:


Internships/Job Opp

AmeriCorpsCity Year

Study Abroad/Travel

AmeriCorps NCCC

Flying Fish

CIEE: Gap Year Abroad

Andeo International Homestays

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts

Adventures Cross-Country

 Volunteer/Community Service

Urban Technology Projec

Interested in GAP Year?

Gap Year1309790130gap-year-media

Upon graduating from high school this year, many students will be heading off to college in the fall to begin their undergraduate education.  While attending college right after high school is the usual route for most students, taking a year off from studies to travel, volunteer or study abroad are also some options.  Continue reading