Juniors: Become a College Access Leader at SLA!


A College Access Leader (CAL) is a student who demonstrates strong leadership skills assisting their peers with the college access process. CALs will become experts with the application process, deadlines, requirements, and so much more!

Why: The CAL Program serves two key purposes: 1) to provide college access information to all students through peer leadership 2) to help develop your leadership skills and provide the CAL with personal and professional development opportunities.

Who: CALs consist of one student from each advisory for a total of six students for your grade.  CALs work very closely with Mrs. Hirschfield and the College Office team  as well as your Advisors and Advisories.

What: The CAL Program is based around the idea of student centered learning- the CAL Team is designed to be a peer network of student leaders who will be key stakeholders in the college access process.

Where: You will frequently meet with Mrs. Hirschfield in the College Office. You will present information in your Advisories, and share knowledge about the college access process to your peers informally- even in the hallways!

When: The CALs are responsible for participating in the program starting during the spring of your junior year and you will “graduate” from the CAL Program in the spring of your senior year.  It is a serious commitment lasting one year.

How: The CALs participate in numerous activities and have several key responsibilities. The College Office and the CAL-Leaders will meet bi-monthly either during X/Y band or during Advisory.  The CAL-Leaders are required to attend these meetings as important information will be presented and the CAL-Leaders are expected to present this information to their Advisories. CAL-Leaders will be expected to present specific topics to their advisories on a weekly basis. Presentations will be both informal (i.e., presenting the weekly College News Blog Highlights) and formal (i.e., a powerpoint presentation about FAFSA completion).  CAL-Leaders also act as the “go-to” person for your fellow students who have questions about the college process.

Position qualifications: The ideal CAL-Leader will be a student who is responsible, who has excellent communication skills, and who is social/outgoing.  These qualities will help you be successful in this leadership position.

Perks of the position: The CAL Program is a fantastic opportunity to develop your leadership skills!  You will gain personal and professional development through the opportunities available to the CAL-Leaders.  This includes improving public speaking skills, networking opportunities through meeting with Admissions Officers, and mentorship opportunities through working closely with the advisors and college office staff.  We also have kick-off and celebratory luncheons and are planning a retreat opportunity to meet with the senior CAL-Leaders for advice and education sharing.

Selection process: Students are required to be nominated from an advisor. Students should express an interest in the position both to their advisor and Mrs. Hirschfield. All nominated students will be interviewed and selected by a panel comprised of Senior CALs and the College Office team.


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