Senior Bulletin, September 6th, 2017

images Welcome to senior year! The information in the Senior Blog will help you kickstart the college process with ease. While Mrs. Hirschfield, your advisors, College Access Leaders, and your parents are all here to assist you, you have to be proactive and stay on top of the information you will receive in this blog and those that follow.  New bulletins will be published every other week.  Good luck to the class of 2018!

College Application Tracker

It is very important that you organize well for the application process.  You will need to keep track of deadlines for scholarships and financial aid, as well as college applications.  Use this form (or adjust to your liking!) to help you organize.

College Office Walk-In Time

The College Office is open and available for quick questions, brief check-ins, and form drop off during X and Y bands and after school.  Students are seen in order of their arrival. If a student requires an extended conversation or advising from Mrs. Hirschfield, please make an appointment.   

Senior Back to School Night on Monday, September 18, from 6pm-8pm

Mark your calendars for this very important event.  Parents and students will get tons of information on required documents, financial aid, and preparing for the college process! 

Transcript Requests

ALL students will review their transcripts during Advisory class in the coming days to ensure accuracy.  Discuss any errors with your Advisor and. ake sure to follow proper procedure to make all corrections. Transcripts can be requested beginning October 2nd.

Documents Required by College Office ASAP
  1. Transcript Review forms (see Advisor)
  2. Class 2018 College Application Procedures
  3. Transcript Request Log

Your Advisor will assist you in completing these forms. Students cannot make requests for an official transcript without all proper signatures and completed forms.

SAT Day Right Here at SLA

All Seniors are eligible to take the SAT at SLA on Wednesday, October 11th for FREE!  Students will be given more information during Advisory to complete registration.

College Recruiters Visit SLA

We have a full list of schools that will visit us this fall. (University of Pennsylvania will be our first visit on September 18!) Make sure you register in advance via Naviance to meet with the College Reps. Most visits take place in the College Office; you will be notified if the meeting is in a different location.  Come prepared to ask thoughtful questions and make a good impression!

College Essay Help

Senior year is finally here – time to start thinking about your college essays! Mrs. Block will be here on Tuesday, September 12th at the beginning of each lunch band to explain the importance of college essays, different essay topics and how to develop them, and how best to write and polish your essays.  She will be at SLA during lunch periods every Tuesday for individual consultations.  Sign up for Tuesday consultations on the sheet on Ms. Hirshfield’s door.

SAT/ACT Calendar

Please refer to the ACT  and SAT calendars for future registration dates.

Fly-In Programs

A number of schools offer to cover your expenses or give partial scholarships to fly out to their institution. This is a great opportunity for you to experience first hand what it would be like to attend that school. Here’s a list of colleges that offer fly-in programs. Act quickly since most deadlines are earlier in the school year.

Letters of Recommendation

Advisor Letters–  Your Advisors will write your ‘Counselor Letter of Recommendation’ because they know you very well! However, in order for them to write your letter of recommendation, you must complete the Advisor Questionnaire in Naviance.  If you haven’t completed it, do so ASAP.

Academic Letters – Teacher recommendations are an important part of your application and good ones can tip the scale in your favor, helping you stand out among thousands of applicants.  Make sure you speak to your teachers prior to requesting letters of recommendation.  They may ask you to complete a questionnaire or submit a previous assignment. Students must request teacher recommendations in Naviance in the ‘Colleges that I’m Applying to’ section.

Common App & Coalition App

Students may apply to colleges using either application–as long as the school is a participating member. (Note that some schools have multiple application portals.) It’s important to remember not to create duplicate applications. Make every effort to select one application portal to minimize confusion and additional tracking. Here are Common App FAQs and Coalition App FAQs.

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