Junior Bulletin May 31, 2017

download Gear up for College Prep Day — June 16th 8 am – 12:30 pm Bring Your Laptop!!

On College Prep Day Ms. Hirschfield and the College Office team will introduce you to the foundations of a successful college application process.  Juniors will be divided into four groups and participate in the following presentations:

Topic 1: Student and Alumni Panel:  Students and Alumni will share their experiences and offer advice on how to navigate the college application process, including tips on how to manage your time, reduce stress, and enhance your profile.

Topic 2: Scholarships: Students will be introduced to the concept of a financial package, discover the importance of scholarships to their college financial package, explore the differences among various sources of scholarship aid, and learn how to coordinate college and scholarship essays and applications.  All students will register to Scholly and begin their scholarship search!

Topic 3:   The Common & Coalition Applications:  Mr. Cigus Vanni will give advice on how to complete these two widely used application platforms.  Students will set up their own accounts, figure out how to include specific schools, and see what individual schools require. Get a head start by viewing a ‘fake’ Common App, using Mr. Vanni’s log in: Username:  cigus@cigus.net; Password:  F1b0nacc1! (the fourth character is a zero, not the letter”O”). Students will also learn how to submit other important information such as GPA, letters of recommendation, college reports, extra-curricular activities, etc. using online resources.

Topic 4: Mock Admissions: Students will get a peek at what goes into admissions decisions and learn what influences an admissions office as it evaluations hundreds or thousands of applications in order to create a class. 

IMG_0086Welcome the New Cohort of College Access Leaders!

One CAL is selected from each advisory group. They are available to answer your questions and  encourage your efforts:

Ames – Taytiana Velazquez-Rivera

Menasion – Tigidankay Saccoh

Baird – Jack Celli

Hull/Hernandez – Saamir Baker

Pahomov – Mackenzie Harrington

Giorgio – Destiny Patton

Request Teacher Recommendation Letters Before the End of the School Year
You must follow this NEW process for requesting letters of recommendation from teachers! Advisor and outside recommendations follow a different process.
  1. Log in to Naviance – check when recommendations are due and how many are required
  2. IN PERSON! Request a letter from one or two of your teachers, depending on what is required from your schools
  1.  When/if the teacher agrees to write a recommendation, you must request in Naviance
    1. Login > college tab > scroll to letters of recommendation link > click “add a request” > select teacher from dropdown menu > select NOTHING SPECIFIC – ONLY,  select “all current and future” **in the note sections put in the earliest deadline for your recommending teacher > click submit request

Note: Up to TWO academic recommendation requests are permitted.

  1. Next, you must fill out the “2018 Academic Rec. Letter Survey”

Login to naviance > about me tab > select “2018 Academic Rec. Letter Survey.”  Finally, tell your recommenders when you have completed the survey and what the earliest application deadline is.

For some tips on how to get a great letter of recommendation, check out the advice on:


IMG_6513Congratulations to TK, Seyni and Lotus.  

Nominated by SLA because of their success and potential as students in math and science, they are eligible for a Penn State scholarship.

Start Off Strong By Enhancing Your Standardized Test Scores And College Level Skills

Summer is almost here! Philly Tutors has a variety of summer programs:

  • Affordable and custom-tailored small-group workshops for SAT, ACT, and College Readiness prep (see flyer below).
  • Squash “summer slide” with one-on-one subject tutoring or small group workshops
  • Gaming Club features awesome and original board and card games for all ages
  • unnamed 

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